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An analysis of major scientific problems and research paths of Gulong shale oil in Daqing Oilfield, NE China
Petroleum Exploration and Development  (IF3.803),  Pub Date : 2021-06-21, DOI: 10.1016/s1876-3804(21)60043-5
Longde SUN, He LIU, Wenyuan HE, Guoxin LI, Shuichang ZHANG, Rukai ZHU, Xu JIN, Siwei MENG, Hang JIANG

After the preliminary basic research on the problems encountered during the production period of Gulong shale oil in the Songliao Basin, NE China, and the scientific exploration, the special characteristics of Gulong shale oil in terms of reservoir space, phase distribution, flow pattern, and mineral evolution are proposed. The main results are as follows : (1) The source of organic matter, mechanism of hydrocarbon generation and expulsion, and key factors affecting shale oil abundance; (2) The types and structural characteristics of the reservoir and their contribution to porosity and permeability; (3) The mineral origin and evolution of minerals and their influence on reservoir availability, sensitivity, and compressibility; (4) The rock mechanical characteristics and fracture propagation law of Gulong shale; (5) The shale oil products, phase change law and main control factors of adsorption and desorption conversion of Gulong shale oil; (6) The mechanism of shale oil-liquid, solid-liquid gas interaction and enhanced oil recovery. Three key research suggestions are proposed to realize the large-scale economic utilization of the Gulong shale oil as follows: (1) Deepen research on the mechanism of oil and gas generation and discharge, storage and transportation, to guide the selection of geological sweet spots of shale oil; (2) Deepen research on the compressibility and fracture initiation mechanism to support the selection of engineering sweet spots and optimization of engineering design; (3) Deepen research on the fluid interaction mechanism under reservoir conditions, os us to guide the optimization of development schemes and the selection of EOR technologies. A successful development of Gulong shale oil requires global experts and scholars to contribute multidisciplinary innovative ideas and technical ideas to solve production problems.