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Understanding Tourist Citizenship Behavioral Intentions: The Role of Social Interactions and Brand Perceptions
Journal of China Tourism Research  (IF),  Pub Date : 2021-06-15, DOI: 10.1080/19388160.2021.1939829
IpKin Anthony Wong, Zhiwei (CJ) Lin


This study integrates tourists’ social interaction quality and experience with a casino brand to examine changes of tourist citizenship behavioral intentions between pre- and post-casino trips. A two-stage sampling method was deployed with data driven in the casino industry: a random sampling approach to select casino properties followed by a quota sampling approach to respondent selection. It advances the casino tourism literature by delineating that brand experience and attachment partially mediate the relationships leading from a triadic social interaction process to changes in casino tourists’ citizenship behavioral intentions. Moreover, branded casinos relish a greater change in such intentions, as casino tourists may feel the urge to reciprocate the tourist resources geared toward them and associate themselves with these brands.