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Study on the application of a steam-foam drive profile modification technology for heavy oil reservoir development
Open Chemistry  (IF1.554),  Pub Date : 2021-01-01, DOI: 10.1515/chem-2021-0055
Yong Liu, Fajun Zhao, Yongxin Wu, Tianxiao Xu, Guangmeng Zhu

This paper introduces a steam-foam drive profile modification technology for heavy oil development in Block Qi40 based on an in-depth study of the characteristics of heavy oil reservoir and cross flow characteristics of injected steam in Block Qi40 of Liaohe Oilfield. The performance evaluation was carried out indoors for foaming agents. Influencing factors affecting profile modification and foam injection mode selection are studied. The results show that the CX-4 foaming agent system has excellent foaming properties and foam stability at 300°C. The plugging pressure difference of core can be increased by more than 15 times at 240°C. When a 0.5 PV foaming agent system is injected, the oil displacement efficiency can reach more than 68%. The optimal concentration of the foaming agent is 0.5% and the change of resistance factor is the largest in the range of oil saturation between 15 and 20%. Foam has better plugging ability in high permeability and large pores. Furthermore, after field application effect analysis, it confirms that the steam-foam profile modification technology has an obvious effect on enhancing oil recovery.