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Growth of K0.4WO3 whiskers via a pressure-relief-assisted hydrothermal process
Journal of Crystal Growth  (IF1.83),  Pub Date : 2003-03-01, DOI: 10.1016/s0022-0248(02)02323-0
Xiao-gang Yang, Cun Li, Mao-Song Mo, Jin-hua Zhan, Wei-chao Yu, Yan Yan, Yi-tai Qian

Abstract Single crystalline K 0.4 WO 3 whiskers were successfully prepared at temperature of 360°C through a hydrothermal reaction using WO 3 as tungsten source, KOH as potassium source, and hydrazine hydrate (N 2 H 4 ·H 2 O) as reducing agent. X-ray powder diffraction showed the as-prepared whiskers was tetragonal K 0.475 WO 3 with cell parameters of a =12.29 A and c =3.824 A. Scanning electron microscope observation showed that the size of whiskers reached up to 2 mm in length and 6–25 μm in diameter. The influence of some reaction parameters, including the pressure-relief process, on the growth of the whiskers was studied. The possible chemical solution transport mechanism was also discussed.