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Design of Composites with a Specified Set of Physicomechanical Properties Using Three Control Parameters
Physical Mesomechanics  (IF1.85),  Pub Date : 2021-06-01, DOI: 10.1134/s1029959921020090
S. A. Bochkareva, N. Yu. Grishaeva, B. A. Lyukshin, I. L. Panov, S. V. Panin


Previously, an algorithm based on two control parameters was applied to computer aided design of materials, and here the algorithm is extended to three parameters controlling the effective physicomechanical properties of polymer matrix composites: (i) the average particle size of a polymer powder, (ii) the length of reinforcing fibers, and (iii) the level of fiber–matrix adhesion. The use of these control parameters is dictated by the possibility of their ranging in terms of degrees of influence on effective material characteristics. The algorithm with built-in experimental data is applied to design a composite with specified properties on the example of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene reinforced with milled or chopped glass fibers. The form of data presentation shows the whole range of the three parameters which provides the desired result.