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High-speed driving of multi-color LED panel for subjective super-resolution display
Optical Review  (IF0.89),  Pub Date : 2021-05-29, DOI: 10.1007/s10043-021-00657-5
Kojiro Matsushita, Toyotaro Tokimoto, Akinori Tsuji, Hirotsugu Yamamoto

We have developed a new high-speed driving circuit of a multi-color LED panel by the use of FPGA for subjective super-resolution display. In the subjective super-resolution display, the coded display image is switched and displayed at high speed. The viewer makes an unconscious correction by fixational eye movement and perceives the resolution higher than the physical number of pixels of the LED panel. Our developed LED display drive circuit shows multi-color images at a sufficiently high frame rate enough to perform the subjective super-resolution effect. The maximum frequency is 8.5 kHz for 8 multi-color representations. We have designed spatiotemporal coding to show nine adjacent subpixel information for 9 multi-color subframes. The coded 9 subframes are alternately shown on the LED panel by the use of our developed FPGA circuit. We have verified that the image was updated at high speed. The unconscious correction by the fixational eye movement allows the viewer to perceive a higher resolution than the actual number of LED lamps. Through an evaluation experiment, we have verified that the subjective super-resolution effect was induced in a multi-color image, that is, the displayed image in the proposed method looked smoother than that in the normal display method.