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Economic Evaluation of High Density Apple (Ex-Ante) in Kashmir
International Journal of Fruit Science  (IF1.359),  Pub Date : 2021-05-25, DOI: 10.1080/15538362.2021.1926393
M. H. Wani, Arshad Bhat, S. H. Baba


Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, one of the leading producers of temperate fruits in India, is in the process of adopting high-density apple cultivation. Establishment of high-density apple orchard involves a very high cost which gets compensated by higher productivity during its productive life. Considering the profitability of cultivating high-density apple a need was felt to examine its quality and yield potential that could guide the Government to formulate a roadmap for its dissemination in its domain area. High-density apple (variety-Super Chief Sandidge) was recently introduced from Italy. It is reported to be very productive and quality wise, retains a high score of consumer acceptability, accordingly efforts are being made to extend its adoption in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. To formulate a policy for its adoption, ex-ante evaluation was carried out by employing economic surplus model on the experimental data collected from the technical expert group of scientists involved in its cultivation, assessment, evaluation and dissemination. The results reveal that productivity of apple has increased by 53.6 mt/ha and labor employment has increased by 676 man days/ha due to the adoption of high-density apple technology. The results further revealed that with an expected expansion of high-density apple orchards over 30% of the target area NPV, IRR and BC ratio would amount to 16.43 Billion US $, 62% and 98.60.