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Using mobile technologies to enhance learning and improve student engagement in the dance studio
Research in Dance Education  (IF),  Pub Date : 2021-05-24, DOI: 10.1080/14647893.2021.1928621
Sarah Alexander, Jeffrey D. Boehm, Neil Glen


This collaboration between the dance and learning technology departments at Bath Spa University, sought to develop a dance repertoire module with the use of mobile technologies, in order to enhance collaborative and discursive opportunities for students. The introduction of mobile technologies into a face-to-face teaching environment initiated a blended model of teaching and learning whereby the technology became a partner to the existing practice. The module was taught within the first year of the BA(Hons) Dance course, with 39 female and three male undergraduate students participating over a two-year period.

The purpose of the project was to apply specialist ICT knowledge to teaching spaces, in order to diversify established practices. In light of this purpose, the project design was driven by Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) whereby historically established working methods are brought to question through a new tool; the mobile application ‘Coach’s Eye’. Through the collection of tutor observations, student journals and post-project interviews, it was clear that Coach’s Eye had facilitated a more democratic environment and greater range of activity. The extent to which the addition of technologically-supported learning improved student engagement and enhanced the learning would require further research utilising data designed for that purpose.