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Conceptual Design of the Pedestrian Bridge
Structural Engineering International  (IF1.056),  Pub Date : 2021-05-13, DOI: 10.1080/10168664.2021.1911610
Pengzhen Lu, Yutao Zhou, Qun Lu, Jiahao Wang, Qingtian Shi, Dengguo Li


As the pedestrian bridge is in a period of rapid development, many issues such as design defects, lagging construction techniques and uncoordinated environmental boundaries have been exposed in the process of construction and maintenance. This article studies the conceptual design of the pedestrian bridge from the viewpoint of holistic engineering construction. By sorting out the developing context of existing pedestrian bridges at home and abroad, it analyzes the existing problems of pedestrian bridges and tracks their root causes. On this basis, combined with excellent international examples of pedestrian bridges, the developing trend of pedestrian bridges is summarized and fundamental design considerations for contemporary pedestrian bridges are proposed centering on the design concept, structural modeling and environmental landscape innovation. Based on design considerations for pedestrian bridges and the application of cutting-edge technologies such as new bridge materials, construction processes and innovative structures, conceptual design strategies for pedestrian bridges are approached by integrated assembling, digitizing, intelligentizing and humanizing design. The article also explores the feasibility of interdisciplinary and cross-cultural inspiration in the application of pedestrian bridge structures. This study attempts to develop a framework for integrating analytic process strategies, and the research content of this article can provide some reference for pedestrian bridge design.