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Induction of Extracellular Aminopeptidase Production by Peptides in Some Marine Bacterial Species.
Microbes and Environments  (IF2.912),  Pub Date : 2021-01-01, DOI: 10.1264/jsme2.me20150
Suzune Shindoh,Yumiko Obayashi,Satoru Suzuki

Bacterial extracellular aminopeptidases are key enzymes in protein processing in oligotrophic seawater. To the best of our knowledge, the regulation of aminopeptidase production in microbes inhabiting seawater has not yet been reported. The present study attempted to experimentally clarify which organic materials affect bacterial extracellular aminopeptidase production by nutrient-rich and starved cells growing in artificial seawater using Photobacterium, Alteromonas, Ruegeria, and Sulfitobacter. In all four species, we found that peptides induced bacterial extracellular aminopeptidase production. Amino acids led to cell growth with markedly lower aminopeptidase production by Photobacterium and Sulfitobacter, but not by Alteromonas and Ruegeria. These results suggest that the extracellular aminopeptidases of marine bacteria are primarily produced on demand in response to the presence of relevant substrates (peptides) in seawater. Peptidyl substances may be regulatory nutrients for marine bacterial growth in aquatic environments.