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Effects of self-brand congruity and ad duration on online in-stream video advertising
Journal of Consumer Marketing  (IF),  Pub Date : 2021-05-05, DOI: 10.1108/jcm-07-2019-3333
Todd A. Holmes


The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of self-brand congruity and ad duration on the effectiveness of in-stream online video advertisements.


Two online experiments were administered based on a 2 (self-brand congruity) * 2 (ad duration) between-subjects design. Three brand personality dimensions (excitement, sophistication and ruggedness) were included in the model as replicates, and effectiveness was measured using six dependent measures.


High self-brand congruity resulted in significantly greater attention, attitude toward the ad, attitude toward the brand and purchase intention when compared to low self-brand congruity. Higher recall of ad information was found for subjects who viewed ads low in congruity with their self-concepts. Attention, recall and recognition were significantly higher for participants who viewed 30-s ads. An interaction effect of self-brand congruity and ad duration was found on purchase intention.

Research limitations/implications

This study considered the impact of self-brand congruity and ad duration on the effectiveness of ads for only well-known brands inserted into short-form content. Future research should consider using ads without celebrities present or ads for fictitious brands inserted into long-form video content.

Practical implications

When producing video advertisements, an adequate selection of brand cues should be included that are deemed self-congruent with target audiences. Ad managers aiming to drive favorable consumer attitudes and purchase intention should select 15-s over 30-s ads.


This study examines the impact of self-brand congruity and ad duration on each stage of the hierarchy of effects model, including attention as a precursor to recall and recognition. The interaction effect between self-brand congruity and ad duration is also assessed.