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Disrupted White Matter Networks from Subjective Memory Impairment to Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment
Current Alzheimer Research  (IF3.498),  Pub Date : 2020-12-31, DOI: 10.2174/1567205018666210324115817
Wen, Shao

Background and Objective: Subjective memory impairment (SMI) is a preclinical stage prior to amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI) along with the Alzheimer’s disease (AD) continuum. We hypothesized that SMI patients had white matter (WM) network disruptions similar to those in aMCI patients.

Methods: We used diffusion-tensor magnetic resonance imaging and graph theory to construct, analyze, and compare the WM networks among 20 normal controls (NC), 20 SMI patients, and 20 aMCI patients.

Results: Compared with the NC group, the SMI group had significantly decreased global and local efficiency and an increased shortest path length. Moreover, similar to the aMCI group, the SMI group had lower nodal efficiency in regions located in the frontal and parietal lobes, limbic systems, and caudate nucleus compared to that of the NC group.

Conclusion: Similar to aMCI patient, SMI patients exhibited WM network disruptions, and detection of these disruptions could facilitate the early detection of SMI.