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The Effects of Emotional Literacy Programs on Inmates’ Empathy, Mindfulness, and Self-Regulation: A Random-Effect Meta-Analysis
The Prison Journal  (IF1.19),  Pub Date : 2021-04-19, DOI: 10.1177/00328855211010407
Carolyn Petrosino, Kyung-Shick Choi, Sinyong Choi, Sinchul Back, Seong-Min Park

Applying a random-effect meta-analysis, the current study examines previous empirical findings about three main purposes of Emotional Literacy (EL) correctional programs: improving empathy, mindfulness, and self-regulation among inmate populations. A total of 22 programs in 15 studies in Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, and the US are analyzed. Results suggest that EL programs significantly improve levels of empathy, mindfulness, and self-regulation, although a possibility of publication bias is observed. Based on these findings, this study concludes that EL programs retain a potential as an effective rehabilitation strategy and should be sought and implemented in U.S. correctional settings.