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Gold Miners on the Trail of the Earliest Humans in Eastern Saharan Africa. Investigating the Acheulean and Middle Stone Age in Sudanese Nubia
Journal of African Archaeology  (IF),  Pub Date : 2021-04-14, DOI: 10.1163/21915784-20210003
Mirosław Masojć, Ahmed Nassr, Ju Yong Kim, Maciej Ehlert, Grzegorz Michalec, Joanna Krupa-Kurzynowska, Young Kwan Sohn, Eric Andrieux, Simon J. Armitage, Marcin Szmit, Jin Cheul Kim, Ji Sung Kim, Marzena Cendrowska, Ewa Dreczko, Piotr Moska, Kyeong Ja Kim, Yire Choi

This research note presents evidence for the oldest Middle Pleistocene Eastern Saharan human activity from the area referred to as the Eastern Desert Atbara River (EDAR), Sudan, which is currently threatened by gold mining. Preliminary results of multifaceted analyses indicate the activity of Homo sapiens during MIS 5 as well as Homo erectus during MIS 7–11 or earlier.