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Wearable Sensors and Systems for Wound Healing-Related pH and Temperature Detection
Micromachines  (IF2.891),  Pub Date : 2021-04-14, DOI: 10.3390/mi12040430
Ning Tang, Youbin Zheng, Xue Jiang, Cheng Zhou, Han Jin, Ke Jin, Weiwei Wu, Hossam Haick

Wound healing is a complex tissue regeneration process involving many changes in multiple physiological parameters. The pH and temperature of a wound site have long been recognized as important biomarkers for assessing wound healing status. For effective wound management, wound dressings integrated with wearable sensors and systems used for continuous monitoring of pH and temperature have received much attention in recent years. Herein, recent advances in the development of wearable pH and temperature sensors and systems based on different sensing mechanisms for wound status monitoring and treatment are comprehensively summarized. Challenges in the areas of sensing performance, infection identification threshold, large-area 3-dimensional detection, and long-term reliable monitoring in current wearable sensors/systems and emerging solutions are emphasized, providing critical insights into the development of wearable sensors and systems for wound healing monitoring and management.