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From “mutual respect” to “intercultural respect”: collaborating with Asheninka and Yine Peoples in the Peruvian Amazon
The Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law  (IF),  Pub Date : 2021-04-08, DOI: 10.1080/07329113.2021.1889791
Andrea Vásquez-Fernández, Maria Shuñaqui Sangama, Cash Ahenakew, Miriam Pérez Pinedo, Raúl Sebastián Lizardo, Judith Canayo Otto, Robert A. Kozak


From the nineteenth century to the present day, external peoples, companies, and governments have perpetrated disrespectful attitudes and behaviours toward Amazonian Originary Peoples. In response, Originary Peoples have increasingly adopted their own protocols of respectful interactions with external actors. However, research on the development and implementation of intercultural understandings of “respect” in pluri-cultural interactions has been scarce. Drawing on findings from collaborative research in the Peruvian Amazon, this article explores how Asheninka and Yine perspectives and practices of “respect” inform and could transform euro-centric conceptions and hegemonic consultation processes based on “mutual respect,” proposing instead a practice of “intercultural respect.” The study was initiated at the invitation of Asheninka and Yine community members themselves. Long-term relationships catalysed an invitation to co-design a community-based collective endeavour, which began in 2015. The discussion and findings presented in this article are part of a larger project that attempts to portray how Asheninka and Yine collaborating communities want to be respected under their own terms. This collaborative work proposes: 1. An Originary methodology; 2. A paradigm-encounter frame; and 3. Ten principles to guide “intercultural respect” for the Peruvian Amazon.