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Emerging Trends in Industrial Electronics: A Cross-Disciplinary View
IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine  (IF6.625),  Pub Date : 2021-01-01, DOI: 10.1109/mie.2020.3032942
Oscar Lucia, Jinhua She, Allen C. Chen, Zheyuan Cheng, Mo Yuen Chow, Larisa Dunai, Mickael Hilairet, Victor Huang, Eric Monmasson, Kazuhiro Umetani, Sho Yokota

The industrial electronics (IE) discipline includes a wide variety of technical areas devoted to the application of electronics and electrical sciences for the enhancement of industrial and manufacturing processes. It inherently acts as a key enabling technology for a diverse number of applications and includes the latest developments in intelligent and computer control systems, robotics, factory communications and automation, flexible manufacturing, data acquisition and signal processing, vision systems, and power electronics, among others, as well as the educational and human factors involved. This makes IE inherently multidisciplinary, and, with many interconnected synergies, it plays a key role as an enabling technology in multiple domestic, biomedical, transportation, and industrial applications.