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The role of vending channels in marketing: A systematic review and taxonomy of studies
The Journal of Consumer Affairs  (IF2.131),  Pub Date : 2021-03-26, DOI: 10.1111/joca.12362
Dobromir Stoyanov

Although vending machines emerged centuries ago, only recently have they regained popularity. This study aims to provide a systematic review of available marketing literature on food and drink vending channels to delineate under-researched marketing areas that require further investigation. Therefore, the abstracts of 2,409 articles were manually screened, of which 98 were retained as the most relevant for further synthesis. The author organized the existing marketing literature from a consumer point of view around three main areas (i.e., product safety management, health nutrition promotion, and stakeholders' commitment to policy measures) and three roughly equal time periods (i.e., 2000–2006, 2007–2013, and 2014–2020). The analysis identifies areas of vending wherein research is lacking: marketing trends regarding smart vending machines; consumer responses to vending experiences, especially cross-culturally; and safety issues, which is especially pertinent with the increase in safety-related articles since 2014 and the current COVID-19 pandemic.