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Molecular and Hematological Analysis of Alpha- and Beta-Thalassemia in a Cohort of Mexican Patients
Genetic Testing and Molecular Biomarkers  (IF1.795),  Pub Date : 2021-03-17, DOI: 10.1089/gtmb.2020.0276
Lourdes del Carmen Rizo-de la Torre, Víctor Manuel Rentería-López, Josefina Yoaly Sánchez-López, María Teresa Magaña-Torres, Bertha Ibarra-Cortés, Francisco Javier Perea-Díaz

Introduction: Alpha- and beta-thalassemia are caused by reduced or absent synthesis of hemoglobin (Hb) subunits α and/or β. HBA2, HBA1, and HBB mutations are the main cause of thalassemias. The aim of this article is to analyze molecular and hematological features of α- and β-thal in a cohort of Mexican patients.