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Investigating the influence of business events experience on international visitors’ perceived destination image: The case of Kenya
Journal of Convention & Event Tourism  (IF),  Pub Date : 2021-03-15, DOI: 10.1080/15470148.2021.1895017
Joshua N. Weru, Joseph M. Njoroge


Tourism destinations’ in Africa continue to experience stereotypes, prejudice and negative images. These are further amplified and reinforced by international media. International business events provide an opportunity to enhance the destination’s touristic image and competitiveness. This study investigates the influence of business events experience on international visitors’ perceived destination image. The study was carried out at three leading business event venues in Nairobi, Kenya. Convenience sampling method was used to select respondents during the events. A total of 335 questionnaires were successfully completed and used for data analysis. An exploratory factor analysis identified six business event experiences factors important in influencing a destination image including destination’s venue facilities, accommodation facilities, destination attractions, destination accessibility, destination safety and security and perceived affordability of services. Structural analysis indicated that business event experiences influenced destination’s cognitive image and the overall image. Destination cognitive image influenced destination’s affective image and overall image, while the destination’s affective image influenced the overall image. However, business event experiences did not have a direct significant influence on destination’s affective image. The study findings extend the knowledge on influence of events on the host destination’s image using business events perspective. Discussions and implications of the findings are also highlighted.