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Untargeted analysis of pure snail slime and snail slime‐induced Au nanoparticles metabolome with MALDI FT‐ICR MS
Journal of Mass Spectrometry  (IF1.982),  Pub Date : 2021-03-15, DOI: 10.1002/jms.4722
Alberto Onzo, Raffaella Pascale, Maria Assunta Acquavia, Pinalysa Cosma, Jennifer Gubitosa, Carmine Gaeta, Patrizia Iannece, Yuri Tsybin, Vito Rizzi, Antonio Guerrieri, Rosanna Ciriello, Giuliana Bianco

Chronic wounds result from the failure of the normal wound healing process. Any delay during the tissue repair process could be defined as chronic wound healing, potentially having a highly detrimental impact on human health. To face this problem, in the last years, the use of different technologies alternative to therapeutic agents is gaining more attention. The Helix aspersa snail slime‐based products are increasingly being used for skin injury, thanks to their ability to make tissue repair processes faster. To date, a comprehensive overview of pure snail slime metabolome is not available. Besides, Au nanoparticles (AuNPs) technology is spreading rapidly in the medical environment, and the search for AuNPs “green” synthetic routes that involve natural products as precursor agents is demanded, alongside with a deep comprehension of the kind of species that actively take part in synthesis and product stabilization. The aim of this work is to characterize the metabolic profile of a pure snail slime sample, by an untargeted high‐resolution mass spectrometry‐based analysis. In addition, insights on AuNPs synthesis and stabilization by the main components of pure snail slime used to induce the synthesis were obtained. The untargeted analysis provided a large list of important classes of metabolites, that is, fatty acid derivatives, amino acids and peptides, carbohydrates and polyphenolic compounds that could be appreciated in both samples of slime, with and without AuNPs. Moreover, a direct comparison of the obtained results suggests that mostly nitrogen and sulfur‐bearing metabolites take part in the synthesis and stabilization of AuNPs.