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Design and optimization of a microwave photonic filter exploiting differential mode group delay of a multi-mode fiber
Optical Review  (IF0.89),  Pub Date : 2021-03-12, DOI: 10.1007/s10043-021-00650-y
Jawad Mirza, Ahmad Atieh, Abdulah J. Aljohani, Salman Ghafoor

A reconfigurable and application-specific tunable microwave photonic filter having finite impulse response is proposed. The filter exploits the differential mode group delays of linearly polarized modes in a multi-mode fiber to achieve single and multiple high-frequency passband response. The filter taps are realized using a single continuous wave laser source and differential delays among modes that are propagated through a single spool of graded index multi-mode fiber. Depending upon the application requirement, different values of free spectral range of the microwave photonic filter are obtained by employing fiber spools of different lengths. The reconfigurability of the microwave photonic filter is achieved by varying the number of linearly polarized modes. It has been shown that the passband ripple can be reduced by employing higher order spatial modes and unequal power ratio among different modes. The proposed filter enables application-specific free spectra range tunability and reconfigurability along with added advantages of easy implementation and passband optimization.