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Autism, intellectual disabilities and additional psychosis, and affiliation to groups with violent ideology: short communication
Journal of Intellectual Disabilities and Offending Behaviour  (IF),  Pub Date : 2019-03-11, DOI: 10.1108/jidob-09-2018-0010
Ann Magritt Solheim Inderberg, Kristin Horndalsveen, Arne-Henrik Elvehaug, Yugbadal Mehmi, Ingvild Jørstad, Trine Lise Bakken

People with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have been associated with criminal acts and affiliation with groups and organisations with violent ideology and practice. The purpose of this paper is to present patients in mental health services with both ASD and psychosis, who are affiliated with such groups.,Three vignettes are used as examples. Some of the information is combined for the three participants for presentation. They were scored for mental health symptoms and behaviour problems on admission and discharge from inpatient care.,The combination of ASD and psychosis aggravates the problems of both conditions, which may elicit a collapse of both cognitive functioning and especially impulse control, and of the ability to judge whether situations are dangerous or offensive or not.,The present paper may contribute to a better understanding of the combination of ASD, psychosis and affiliation with groups and organisations as described, especially regarding the importance of identifying psychosis.