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A comparative study of the Initial Neolithic chipped-stone assemblages of Ulucak and Uğurlu
Anatolian Studies  (IF),  Pub Date : 2019-06-20, DOI: 10.1017/s0066154619000024
Denis Guilbeau, Nurcan Kayacan, Çiler Altınbilek-Algül, Burçin Erdoğu, Özlem Çevik

This article focuses on the Initial Neolithic (ca 6850–6500 cal. BC) lithic assemblages of Ulucak and Uğurlu in the Aegean region of Turkey. Ulucak and Uğurlu are among the earliest Aegean Neolithic sites, and their lithic industries were managed with specific traditions and skills, quite different from what we know of the industry for other regions such as central Anatolia, Cyprus and the Levant, and even some other areas of the Aegean. This article presents the results of the study of the chipped-stone assemblages of Ulucak and Uğurlu, and aims to demonstrate how they contribute to wider theories about the Neolithisation of the Aegean.