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Does entrepreneurship education influence entrepreneurial intention among students in HEI’s?
Journal of International Education in Business  (IF),  Pub Date : 2020-01-02, DOI: 10.1108/jieb-02-2019-0009
Zahoor Ahmad Paray, Sumit Kumar

Considering entrepreneurship education (EE) theory as a base, this paper aims to examine the impact of EE upon building entrepreneurial intentions. In addition, it investigates the impact of student’s age, gender and degree or course background in developing students entrepreneurial intentions.,A sample of 309 student respondents from higher education institution (HEI’s) was used to understand the relationship and its impact over intention building. Regression and ANOVA technique was used to understand the cause and effect as well as mean differences between the construct.,The results signify a positive impact of EE for stimulating the start-up intention in these interdisciplinary students of HEIs. These results resemble the existing studies in this endeavour. Findings also verify that individual intention to start a new business in terms of the theory of planned behaviour (attitude, perceived behavioural control and social norms), student background (gender and degree specialization) are positively related to individual intention to start a new business.,The results confirm previous studies in this field and highlight the need for EE in HEI. The paper highlights the vitality for EE for India’s start-up growth.,This study adds to the paucity of research on EE and its impact on entrepreneurial intentions in higher education institutions in India.