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Joint range of motion and balance in modern Turkish folk dancers‘The fire of Anatolia example’
Research in Dance Education  (IF),  Pub Date : 2020-10-29, DOI: 10.1080/14647893.2020.1837096
Özgür Özdemir, Gizem Yildirim


Modern folk dancers are required to maintain their coordination and motoric individuality in peak condition in order to not have difficulty in performance and also stay at the highest level aesthetically. The purpose of this study is to investigate the joint range of motion (JROM), flexibility and balance level which are very important for the performance of the female and male modern Turkish folk dancers. This study was performed with 40 dancers who consist of 20 female dancers (21.70 ± 3.61 years), 20 male dancers (22.10 ± 3.14 years) out of 150 dancers who are in a professional modern Turkish folk dance group called Fire of Anatolia. In this research, eight joint range of motion and trunk-lower limb flexibility were measured. Eyes opened-closed single leg balance tests were also applied. Consequently, it was found that the measurement of flexion-extension of the hip joint (U: 106-Z: -2.55 - p = 0.011), adduction-abduction of the hip joint (U: 65-Z: -3.65-p = 0.000) and plantar-dorsal flexion of the ankle joint (U: 68-Z: -3.58 - p = 0.000) was higher for the benefit of a female dancer and there is no significant difference amongst general flexibility and eyes opened-closed balance abilities in female/male participants.