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Strategic communication concept implemented through the corporate political activities: Suggested strategy modeling
Strategic Management  (IF),  Pub Date : 2019-01-01, DOI: 10.5937/straman1904013m
Miroslav Mitrović

The concept of strategic communication is actual in all spheres of contemporary social and business life. The paper analyzes the concept, structure, and forms of strategic communication based on a wide base of scientific and professional literature. Paper consider correlation between strategic communication, integrated business communication, and corporate communications. A particular overview is devoted to corporative political activities as part of strategic communication. In the closing section of the work, a model of planning and implementation of corporate political activities based on the STAP model of the lobbying strategy with the development of individual communication tactics is presented. The basis of the communication matrix for different groups of the public are proposed through various tactics applicable in the framework of corporative political activities. Overall contributes to defining the notion of strategic communication as well as to the place and role of corporate political activities as a special form of strategic communication.