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Differences in attitudes toward internet usage: Empirical study from Serbia
Strategic Management  (IF),  Pub Date : 2018-01-01, DOI: 10.5937/straman1803017c
Đorđe Ćelić, Zoran Drašković, Zorica Uzelac, Viktorija Petrov

The most influential trend, which has emerged as a result of the development of information and communication technologies, is business over the internet. Users of internet, and especially mobile internet, are mostly young people from 20+ to 30+ years of age. Marketing experts and researchers call these new users: “Generation Y”, “Millennials”, or “Net generation”. This study analyzes consumer’s attitude towards four constructs: perception of mobile internet ubiquity (time and spatial flexibility); use of internet instant gratification; use of internet product variety; and use of internet riskiness. Research hypotheses were tested by analyzing data collected from a sample of 521 respondents from Serbia. Statistically significant differences according to age, gender, and education level of respondents were found. Considering the nature of the internet that allows reaching customers all over the world a better understanding of the attitudes of young internet users from Serbia.