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A DBT for the Irradiation Facility at Centre of Applied Radiation Science and Technology, Mafikeng, South Africa.
South African Crime Quarterly  (IF),  Pub Date : 2017-09-29, DOI: 10.17159/2413-3108/2018/v0n61a1566
Cyrus Cyril Arwui, Victor Tshivhase, Rudolph Nchodu

A Design Basis Threat was developed which was based on the threat the facility was exposed to in terms of its assets including the radioactive source. The purpose of this was to serve as a tool providing a common basis for planning for physical protection system by the operator and approval of its physical protection plan by the competent authority for nuclear security. The DBT assessment methodology is an IAEA recommended method which is best to design the security measures for specific radioactive sources. This method has a correlation between risk and security systems. The higher the risk, the more capability will be required from the security systems to protect the sources.