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Developing an integrated model for quelling illegal mining in South Africa
South African Crime Quarterly  (IF),  Pub Date : 2017-09-29, DOI: 10.17159/2413-3108/2018/v0n61a1726
Mbekezeli Comfort Mkhize

Despite being recognised as a significant contributor in the South African economy, the mining industry is riddled with illegal mining activities. Though it remains difficult to precisely measure the extent of the activities in financial terms, it is estimated that more than R72 Billion have been lost. Lack of research on illegal mining partly compounds the problem. In view of this knowledge-gap, this article argues that whilst there is a multiplicity of stakeholders who deal directly with unlawful activities, poor integration of capacities at different levels remain discernible. The article assesses available literature and employs two theoretical perspectives as lenses through which to view the underlying reasons and the measures that can be put in place to quell illegal mining. The article concludes that an integrated model needs to be put in place in order to quell illegal mining in South Africa. The article recommends that the resources need to be pulled together and collaborative efforts need to be enhanced at all levels.