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Factors affecting intention to revisit an environmental event: The moderating role of enduring involvement
Journal of Convention & Event Tourism  (IF),  Pub Date : 2020-09-09, DOI: 10.1080/15470148.2020.1816519
Ling Long Tsai


This study investigates Earth Hour, the largest energy-saving campaign in the world, it relies on a number of repeated participants. This study explores the factors influencing revisit intention and discusses the interactions among these antecedents. An online questionnaire is used to survey the participants of Earth Hour in 2020, and 504 valid samples are analyzed. Results show that flow experience, positive emotion, and event satisfaction have direct effects on revisit intention, among which event satisfaction has the greatest effect. Positive emotion plays a mediating role between flow experience–event satisfaction and flow experience–revisit intention. Event satisfaction plays a mediating role between flow experience–revisit intention and positive emotion–revisit intention. The enduring involvement of the participants can positively moderate the relationship between positive emotion and revisit intention, between flow experience and revisit intention, and between event satisfaction and revisit intention. This result broadens the application of enduring involvement and remodels the revisit intention variables. The organizers may consider following flow experience–event satisfaction–revisit intention to persuade the participants to revisit the event. This study suggests that event organizers should collect and analyze opinions from participants, and formulate plans to enhance the satisfaction and willingness of participants effectively for them to revisit the event.