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A Step beyond Direct and Indirect Discrimination against Persons with Disability. Methodological Approach to Discrimination from the Intersectional Perspective
The Age of Human Rights Journal  (IF),  Pub Date : 2019-12-05, DOI: 10.17561/tahrj.n13.6
Paola Balanta-Cobo, Andrea Padilla-Muñoz

This article provides a different methodological proposal to disability research grounded in the intersectional perspective since other forms of research, such as the dogmatic perspective of law, have shown limited results in terms of full recognition of people and groups exposed to multiple situations of inequality, specifically in the case of people with disability. We propose a methodological route that links disability to the intersectional perspective, and finally we assess an example of a process that accounts for the importance of a robust analysis to advance in critical understanding of this challenging and interesting field of study.