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Improvement of thermal conductivity of rigid polyurethane foams with aluminum nitride filler
Cellular Polymers  (IF2.053),  Pub Date : 2021-01-21, DOI: 10.1177/0262489321988970
Serife Akkoyun, Meral Akkoyun

The aim of this work is the fabrication of electrically insulating composite rigid polyurethane foams with improved thermal conductivity. Therefore, this study is focused on the effect of aluminum nitride (AlN) on the thermal and electrical conductivities of rigid polyurethane foams. For this purpose, aluminum nitride/rigid polyurethane composite foams were prepared using a three-step procedure. The electrical and thermal conductivities of the foams were characterized. The thermal transitions, mechanical properties and morphology of the foams were also examined. The results reveal that AlN induces an increase of the thermal conductivity of rigid polyurethane foam of 24% which seems to be a relatively noticeable increase in polymeric foams. The low electrical conductivity of the foams is preserved.