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Designing Green Entrepreneurship Model in Sustainable Development Consistent with the Performance of Tehran Industrial Towns
Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing  (IF2.293),  Pub Date : 2019-02-05, DOI: 10.1080/1051712x.2019.1565143
Reza Fotovat Karimi, Seyed Ali Nabavi Chashmi


The purpose of this paper design a green entrepreneurship model in sustainable development path consistent with the performance of industrial towns in Tehran (center of IRAN). The population was the active small/medium enterprises (SMEs) with full capacity in industrial towns of Tehran, which were about 3000 active units, accounting for 20% of the companies in Tehran industrial towns. Sample size was obtained as 514, which was used in calculations. The results showed that green entrepreneurship mediates the effect of green innovation, organizational culture, competitive advantage, and social-environmental responsibility of company on the financial performance of company. There was no mediating role concerning the effect of state laws and regulations on company’s financial performance. Additionally, market turbulence moderates effect of green entrepreneurship on organization financial performance, but financial shocks do not modulate the effect of green entrepreneurship on organization finance.