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Progress and perspectives in high-purity substance production for semiconductor industry
Reviews in Chemical Engineering  (IF6.299),  Pub Date : 2021-01-27, DOI: 10.1515/revce-2018-0046
Andrey V. Vorotyntsev, Anton N. Petukhov, Maxim M. Trubyanov, Artem A. Atlaskin, Dmitriy A. Makarov, Maria S. Sergeeva, Ilya V. Vorotyntsev, Vladimir M. Vorotyntsev

Abstract In the last decade, novel approaches for post-synthesis processes of separation and high purification of gases are gaining larger acceptance in industry. The market is competing with consolidated operations such as cryogenic distillation. The key for new approaches of distillation, membranes and crystallization in challenging and harsh environments is the development of new tough, high-performance materials that are characterized by higher energy efficiency compared with conventional cryogenic distillation. This review highlights the most promising fields of research in high purification and separation of gases by considering the elevated pressure and thermal distillations, membrane cascades, purification in synthesis by use of catalytic technologies, crystallization and hydride methods based on them.