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Journal of Public Policy & Marketing in Our Turbulent Times: Foundations Laid and Challenges Ahead
Journal of Public Policy & Marketing  (IF4.5),  Pub Date : 2020-09-15, DOI: 10.1177/0743915620953443
Joshua L. Wiener, Pam Scholder Ellen, Scot Burton

As incoming editors, we created a leadership structure that was a first for JPP&M: three coeditors serving as equals. We had several primary goals for the journal during our tenure. One was to engage a broader group of scholars who were dedicated to marketing and public policy issues. We welcomed Kelly Martin, Rebecca Reczek, Maura Scott, Cliff Shultz, Lisa Bolton, Marlys Mason, Beth Vallen, and Melissa Bublitz as firsttime JPP&M Associate Editors (AEs). We also greatly appreciate the outstanding AEs who agreed to continue their service to JPP&M when we came on board: Stacey Baker, Lauren Block, Janet Hoek, Jerome Williams, and Manoj Hastak. All of these AEs have done a marvelous job in providing roadmaps for improving manuscripts, and they exemplify our desire to embrace a “golden rule of reviewing”—work to treat authors in the manner you would like to be treated when you are the author. This certainly does not mean submissions are not rigorously vetted; instead, it indicates that authors submitting to JPP&M are treated with respect and an honest effort to provide constructive feedback with suggestions for improvement. This is a perspective also embraced by the vast majority of the talented members of the JPP&M editorial review board. As editors, we have attempted to make decisions early in the review process, and there have been very few submissions that have been rejected after reaching the second round of revision. As authors, we understand how difficult late-round rejections can be, and it can be frustrating to engage in many rounds of revisions, even when the ultimate outcome may be positive. When the contribution is clear, minor issues should not hold up an acceptance decision that moves the paper forward into the literature. Our team wanted to encourage research on critical issues related to marketing and society through special issues. We appreciate the outstanding efforts of our special issue editors who have attracted strong submissions and shepherded many important contributions to the literature for the following domains: Food and Well-Being (Scott and Vallen, eds.), Marketing and Public Policy in a Technology-Integrated Society (Walker, Milne, and Weinberg, eds), Consumer Power and Access (Fitzgerald, Bone, and Pappalardo, eds.), and Political Activity and Marketing (Vadakkepatt, Korschun, and Martin, eds.). In addition, we have worked with editors of special issues that will be published in the future: Analytics Insights for Public Policy and Marketing (Davis, Hamilton, and Grewal, eds.), Transformative Consumer Research (Scott and Mende, eds.), and Pharmaceuticals, Marketing, and Society (Sarkees, Fitzgerald, and Lamberton, eds.). Our editorial team also wanted to enhance recognition and respect across various constituencies for the outstanding JPP&M scholarship within the academic community and among those more broadly involved in public policy and consumer well-being at global, national, and local levels. This included greater promotion through special sessions at Summer and Winter AMA Conferences and the Marketing and Public Policy Conference, as well as through AMA’s efforts to highlight many of the excellent JPP&M articles on some of the most important topics facing marketing and society today. In terms of recognition, it was gratifying to see JPP&M articles receive the highest number of inaugural AMAEBSCO Annual Awards for Responsible Research in Marketing for “outstanding research that produces both credible and useful knowledge that can be applied to benefit society” (Responsible Research in Business and Management 2020).