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Integration of mRNA and miRNA profiling reveals the heterosis of three hybrid combinations of Capsicum annuum varieties
GM Crops & Food  (IF3.074),  Pub Date : 2021-01-07, DOI:
Sha Yang, Zhuqing Zhang, Wenchao Chen, Xuefeng Li, Shudong Zhou, Chengliang Liang, Xin Li, Bozhi Yang, Xuexiao Zou, Feng Liu, Lijun Ou, Yanqing Ma


Capsicum annuum is also known as chili which is one of the most important vegetable crops grown in the world. Breeding new varieties with heterosis could improve the quality of pepper, increase yield, growth potential, disease resistance, adaptability, and seed viability. To investigate the heterosis among three cross combinations of different parents, the mRNA-miRNA integrated analysis was performed. A total number of 22,659,009 to 36,423,818 clean data were generated from mRNA-seq with 81 libraries, and the unique mapped reads were from 35,495,567 (86.81%) to 46,466,622 (88.95%). The plant-hormone signal transduction pathway (40 genes) was detected with a higher DEG number. The SAUR32L, GID1, PYR1, EIN2. ERF1, PR1, JAR1-like, IAA from this pathway play a key role in plant development. From the miRNA-seq, the number of clean reads was ranging from 12,132,221 to 25,632,680. A total of 220 miRNAs were predicted in this study, and all of them were identified as novel miRNA. The top three candidate KEGG pathways of miRNA were ribosome signaling pathway (13 miRNAs), spliceosome pathway (13 miRNAs), and plant hormone signal transduction pathways (10 miRNAs). With the mRNA and miRNA integrated analysis, we found some key genes were regulated by some miRNAs. Among them, the scarecrow-like 6 protein can be up or down regulated by mir8, mir120, mir184, mir_214, mir125, and mir130. The function of Della protein was regulated by mir24, mir74, mir94, mir139, and mir190. This study contributes to understanding how heterosis regulates the traits, such as crop production, fruit weight, and fruit length.