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Strategic knowledge management models and tools for entrepreneurial universities
Management Decision  (IF4.957),  Pub Date : 2019-12-05, DOI: 10.1108/md-12-2019-027
Giustina Secundo, Giovanni Schiuma, Paul Jones

Purpose: This editorial outlines the contributions collected in this special issue on Strategic Knowledge Management (KM) Models and Tools for the Entrepreneurial Universities and identify future topics for KM in the evolving context of universities. Methodology: The reasoning and motivation behind the special issue are outlined, and then we present a discussion linking the different papers and themes found in the special issue papers. Findings: The Editorial presents an overview of the papers gathered in the special issue and provides future directions for research lying at the intersection of KM and Entrepreneurial University fields. Implications for research: The editorial aims to identify insights that can inspire future research about KM models and tools in the Entrepreneurial Universities. To remain relevant KM in Entrepreneurial Universities research should be revamped by addressing the implications for policymakers, to avoid the risks of relegating the KM in Entrepreneurial Universities research to irrelevance.