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The COVID-19 response system and collective social service provision. Strategic network dimensions and proximity considerations
Service Business  (IF2.791),  Pub Date : 2020-07-21, DOI: 10.1007/s11628-020-00421-w
José Antonio Belso-Martínez, Alicia Mas-Tur, Mariola Sánchez, María José López-Sánchez

This paper aims to study and question the emerging social response network to the COVID-19 health crisis in the Valencian region (Spain). Our approach is twofold: a network approach using social network analysis techniques and a social services approach. We seek to analyze the different roles, strategic positions, ego-density and brokerage of the participating organizations. Furthermore, we examine the critical factors for explaining why the different organizations in the ecosystem cooperate. We find that associations and knowledge agents play the most relevant roles. Conversely, local and non-local governments rarely played brokerage roles to coordinate or inter-connect isolated operations of individual organizations. Finally, our results suggest important guidelines for practitioners that may facilitate the collaboration, coordination, and performance of a response network in the future.