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Social networks and health-promoting behaviors among North Korean refugees in South Korea
Social Work in Health Care  (IF1.602),  Pub Date : 2020-12-08, DOI:
Chung Hyeon Jeong, Mee Young Um, Joan P. Yoo, Lawrence A. Palinkas


Poor health behaviors among North Korean refugees (NKRs) in South Korea are serious risk factors hindering their overall well-being. Despite their significance, little is known about the roles of social networks in promoting health behaviors of NKRs. Thus, we examined how social network characteristics were associated with health-promoting behaviors among 202 NKRs. We found that social networks featuring members of religious organizations were positively associated with overall health-promoting behaviors, health responsibility, exercise, and nutrition, whereas networks with South Korean friends were negatively associated with nutrition. Findings suggest that health interventions facilitating religion-based network ties may promote health behaviors among NKRs.