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Influenza A virus protein PA‐X suppresses host Ankrd17‐mediated immune responses
Microbiology and Immunology  (IF1.955),  Pub Date : 2020-11-26, DOI: 10.1111/1348-0421.12863
Mai Li, Wenbao Qi, Qing Chang, Ruohong Chen, Danlin Zhen, Ming Liao, Jikai Wen, Yiqun Deng

Influenza A virus (IAV) PA‐X is a critical ribonuclease protein involved in host cell shutoff but its role in modulating the host immune response to IAV infection remains to be addressed. In this study, host cellular proteins that directly interact with PA‐X were screened to investigate the biological function of PA‐X in the pathogenesis of IAV infection. The protein ankyrin repeat domain 17 (Ankrd17), a positive regulator of inflammatory responses via the retinoic acid‐inducible gene‐I (RIG‐I)‐like receptor (RLR) signaling pathway, was identified as a specific PA‐X binding partner that preferred PA‐X to the PA protein. The N‐terminal ankyrin repeats of Ankrd17 are the key domain for the interaction with PA‐X rather than PA, which is required for the function of Ankrd17 in elevating the host immune response. Using Ankrd17 knockout and overexpression, we confirmed that PA‐X significantly affected the Ankrd17‐mediated response to infection in host cells. Our data therefore reveal a novel function for PA‐X in the regulation of innate immune pathways via the interaction between PA‐X and Ankrd17.