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Reviewer Acknowledgement 2020
CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians  (IF508.702),  Pub Date : 2020-10-13, DOI: 10.3322/caac.21646

In order to maintain the high standards of CA's content, the CA editorial team relies on the knowledge and dedication of many experts in helping us to decide which topics to pursue, which manuscripts to publish, and what modifications to request to ensure medical and scientific accuracy and suitability for our readers. We thank our Associate Editors and our Editorial Advisory Board, who continue to provide these services for us time and time again.

We also are greatly indebted to the following individuals for their effort and expertise in reviewing manuscripts for the journal from July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020. These individuals go beyond expectations by consistently and expeditiously delivering comprehensive, discerning reviews.

Chelsea Anderson Catherine Liu
Scott Antonia Dana Loomis
Adjoa Anyane‐Yeboa Rimas Lukas
Jennifer Baima Anant Mandawat
Karen Basen‐Engquist Janine Mansi
Nabila Bennani Susan McCann
Mehmet Bilen Jaime Merchan
Scott Borinstein John Mullen
Pricivel Carrera Meg O’Brien
Emily Castellanos Manisha Palta
Justin Cates Alberto Pappo
Charles Cha Electra Paskett
Ravi Chandra Elizabeth Plimack
Andrew Chapman Michael Potter
Aimee M. Crago Anna Prizment
Christian Custodio Suresh Ramalingam
Benjamin Djulbegovic Christina Roland
Martin Edelman Lindsay Sabik
Andrew Einstein Diana Sarfati
Erica Friedman Mona Sarfaty
Howard Frumkin Karl Saxe
Peter Gibbs Kathryn Schmitz
Karen Glanz Lawrence Shulman
Matthias Holdhoff Sean Robinson Smith
A. Fuchsia Howard Tenbroeck Smith
Douglas Johnson Ma Somsouk
Eva Kantelhardt Tawee Tanvetyanon
Giorgos Karakoussis Alfredo Voloschin
Alok Khorana Elizabeth Ward
Ragini Kudchadkar Hans Wildiers
Amit Lahoti Walter Willett
Johannes Lelieveld Alexandra Zimmer
Nelson Leung