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Optical properties and crystal structure of lithium doped Ba0.55Sr0.45TiO3 (BLST) thin films
Ferroelectrics Letters Section  (IF0.96),  Pub Date : 2018-08-31, DOI: 10.1080/07315171.2018.1499361
Irzaman, A. Nuraisah, Aminullah, K. A. Hamam, H. Alatas

Abstract Lithium (0, 1, 3, 5%) doped Ba0.55Sr0.45TiO3 (BLST) thin films have been successfully manufactured by growing Li2O-doped Ba0.55Sr0.45TiO3 on the surface of p-type Si (111) substrate. Concentration of 1 M with annealing temperature of 850 °C for 15 hours was used in BST and BLST films. The Li dopant addition induced smaller lattice paramater, film thickness, gap energy, and greater refractive index. These results were supported by imaging surface morphology which Li+ ion can replace Sr2+ ion in the structure due to its small radius. Characterization of BST and BLST films structural showed they have cubic structure.