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Influence of polarization effect by electric field on energy storage
Ferroelectrics Letters Section  (IF0.96),  Pub Date : 2019-06-28, DOI: 10.1080/07315171.2019.1647718
Shao H. Qu, Gan L. Chen, Wan Q. Cao, Rui K. Pan, Ya J. Qi, Lei Zhang, Xun Z. Shang

Abstract Based on the Devonshire theory, the E-induced effects of polarization, dielectrics, hysteresis loop, and energy storage are investigated. Numerical simulations confirm that the ferroelectrics with soft ferroelectricity with properties of small and E-sensitive polarization, abrupt decrease of dielectric peak with increasing E, sloped and slender hysteresis loop with central narrow when approaching Tc, and symmetry energy storage peak, much less than Tc, towards high temperature with increasing E, can be the candidate of high energy storage materials. HIGHLIGHTS E-induced polarization effect is related with thermodynamic parameters of ferroelectrics. Peak of energy storage shifts to high temperature under high-E. Larger induced polarization is corresponding to higher energy storage.