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The Link between Fusobacteria and Colon Cancer: a Fulminant Example and Review of the Evidence
Immune Network  (IF6.303),  Pub Date : 2020-01-01, DOI: 10.4110/in.2020.20.e30
Martina King, Hermione Hurley, Kevin R. Davidson, Edward C. Dempsey, Michelle A. Barron, Edward D. Chan, Amy Frey

Systemic infections due to Fusobacterium may originate in the tonsillar/internal jugular veins or from the abdomen. We encountered a patient who presented with bacteremia, fulminant septic shock, and extensive soft tissue pyogenic infection due to Fusobacterium necrophorum. In addition, there was widespread metastatic colon cancer with the unique finding of pre-mortem co-localization of F. necrophorum and cancer cells at a site distant from the colon. We reviewed the literature of the association of F. necrophorum and colon cancer, and discuss the evidence of how each of these 2 distinct entities may mutually augment the development or progression of the other.