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ACM Transactions on Graphics   (IF6.495),  Pub Date : 2021-01-18, DOI: 10.1145/3410527
Yu Ju (Edwin) Chen, Seung Heon Sheen, Uri M. Ascher, Dinesh K. Pai

Fig. 1. We propose a new time integrator for elastodynamic simulations that can efficiently handle very stiff and nonlinear constitutive material models while maintaining good stability and avoiding unwanted visual artifacts. No solution of nonlinear algebraic equations is needed. A stiff bridge (a) modeled with nearly 100K tetrahedra exhibits both slow oscillations that are visually very important and a huge number of high-frequency oscillations. The semiimplicit backward Euler (SI) integrator can excessively damp out the important scale motions. Our method, SIERE, can integrate such systems effectively. (b) SIERE (cyan) also has better damping behavior than SI (pink) upon collision. (c) SIERE can capture salient features of complex objects efficiently.