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RFID over low cost VCSEL-based MMF links: experimental demonstration and distortion study
IET Optoelectronics  (IF1.636),  Pub Date : 2020-08-03, DOI: 10.1049/iet-opt.2018.5138
Luis Carlos Vieira, Nathan J. Gomes, John C. Batchelor, Anthony Nkansah, Philippos Assimakopoulos, Mohamad A. Ziai

Radio-over-fibre (RoF) distributed antenna system (DAS) technology has been investigated for the distribution of ultra-high frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification (RFID) signals. RoF DAS allows for reduced number of readers and centralised placement of readers which facilitates easy system maintenance, but it is important to find a low-cost solution that can achieve comparable performance to a conventional RFID system. In this work, a low-cost vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL)-based multimode fibre (MMF) link has been developed and demonstrated for passive UHF RFID applications. The reported results show almost the same performance when compared with a conventional RFID system. In addition, simple spatial antenna diversity schemes are tested, with improved performance reported in comparison with an RFID-RoF system without diversity. Also, an investigation of RFID over fibre with RoF non-linearity is carried out showing that phase-reversal amplitude shift keying (PR-ASK) RFID modulation allows for higher levels of RF carrier and modulated signal power than the ASK RFID, for low levels of non-linearity.