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Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Perimidines and their Applications.
Topics in Current Chemistry  (IF9.06),  Pub Date : 2020-08-10, DOI: 10.1007/s41061-020-00307-5
Nusrat Sahiba,Shikha Agarwal


Perimidines are versatile scaffolds and a fascinating class of N-heterocycles that have evolved significantly in recent years due to their immense applications in life sciences, medical sciences, and industrial chemistry. Their ability of molecular interaction with different proteins, complex formation with metals, and distinct behavior in various ranges of light makes them more appealing and challenging for future scientists. Various novel technologies have been developed for the selective synthesis of perimidines and their conjugated derivatives. These methods extend to the preparation of different bioactive and industrially applicable molecules. This review aims to present the most recent advancements in perimidine synthesis under varied conditions like MW radiation, ultrasound, and grinding using different catalysts such as ionic liquids, acid, metal, and nanocatalyst and also under green environments like catalyst and solvent-free synthesis. The applications of perimidine derivatives in drug discovery, polymer chemistry, photo sensors, dye industries, and catalytic activity in organic synthesis are discussed in this survey. This article is expected to be a systematic, authoritative, and critical review on the chemistry of perimidines that compiles most of the state-of-art innovation in this area.

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