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The study of the matrix effect on the method of direct determination of volatile compounds in a wide range of alcoholic beverages
Food Control  (IF6.652),  Pub Date : 2021-02-01, DOI: 10.1016/j.foodcont.2020.107528
Siarhei Charapitsa, Svetlana Sytova, Anton Kavalenka, Lidia Sobolenko, Nikolai Kostyuk, Vladimir Egorov, Sergey Leschev, Sergey Vetokhin, Natalia Zayats

Abstract The results of experimental studies of the method of using ethyl alcohol as an internal standard for the direct determination of volatile compounds for a wide range of alcoholic and ethanol-containing products: whiskey, brandy, grappa, vodka, scotch, bourbon, brandy, calvados, sake, rum, gin, tequila and rectified ethyl alcohol 96% v/v are presented. The results, obtained for the developed method, were compared with the results, obtained for traditional internal standard method, using 2-pentanol as internal standard. The relative difference between developed and traditional methods aren't exceed ±2.0%. Assessment of influence of matrix effects to the results, obtained for developed method, is performed using standard additions method with the following ANOVA analysis. Ways are proposed for performing interlaboratory study of the method under the patronage of the OIV to recognize the method for regulatory purposes at the international level.