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Symplectic cohomology rings of affine varieties in the topological limit
Geometric and Functional Analysis  (IF2.148),  Pub Date : 2020-04-29, DOI: 10.1007/s00039-020-00529-1
Sheel Ganatra, Daniel Pomerleano

We construct a multiplicative spectral sequence converging to the symplectic cohomology ring of any affine variety X, with first page built out of topological invariants associated to strata of any fixed normal crossings compactification \((M,{\mathbf {D}})\) of X. We exhibit a broad class of pairs \((M,{\mathbf {D}})\) (characterized by the absence of relative holomorphic spheres or vanishing of certain relative GW invariants) for which the spectral sequence degenerates, and a broad subclass of pairs (similarly characterized) for which the ring structure on symplectic cohomology can also be described topologically. Sample applications include: (a) a complete topological description of the symplectic cohomology ring of the complement, in any projective M, of the union of sufficiently many generic ample divisors whose homology classes span a rank one subspace, (b) complete additive and partial multiplicative computations of degree zero symplectic cohomology rings of many log Calabi-Yau varieties, and (c) a proof in many cases that symplectic cohomology is finitely generated as a ring. A key technical ingredient in our results is a logarithmic version of the PSS morphism, introduced in our earlier work Ganatra and Pomerleano, arXiv:1611.06849.